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    Smithsonian's HOOKLESS No. 2?

      When it comes to HOOKLESS No. 2, to me, 
      it means the picture on a website
      that The National Museum of American History,
      one of the Smithonian museums provides.  See the site →

      I've been doubtful for a long time that the zipper on the page is really the No. 2.
      But the picture was too small to check the details.
      Then I got the following enlarged image of the original No. 2!

                   HOOKLESS No. 2 ???
                (Courtesy of Prof. Robert Friedel)
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      Santa Clause in the HOOKLESS ad

        Now a holiday season is coming!
        At this time of the year, I display the following flamed ad
        issued by HOOKLESS Fastener Company in my living room. 
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        100th anniversary of modern zipper!

          Let me celebrate the 100th anniversary of the morden-zipper's birth!

          In this very month 100 years ago,  the Sundback's zipper was born.

          Here is HOOKLESS No.2, invented by Sundback a century ago.

          The first sample model of HOOKLESS No.2 was appeared in December in 1913.

                      ▲ The first model of HOOKLESS No.2


          I also respect Sundback, of course.

          I'd like to give the great engineer bunch of my admiration!

          Without him, we could not see the zippers as what they are today.

          G. SUNDBACK
           Dr. Gideon Sundback, founding father of modern zipper
               (Courtesy of Prof. Robert Friedel)

          Actually, the invention came to produce one year later.
          He applied for the patent in August, 1914
          but were first sold in October the same year.

          Every part except for the slider had already reached perfection.
          It shows how Sundback created high-quality product 100 years ago.

          At that time, zippers were sometimes called "tear-fastener "
          as they focused on only closing.
          When you want to open a zipper,
          you should tear it down with your both hands.
          There was not an idea to use a slider when pulling a zipper down.

          HOOKLESS No.2 in the above is quite valuable.
          This is the only zipper that I confirmed first hand in my long-time research.
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          How to order
            Customers overseas; 

            Thank you for your visit!

            Before ordering, we are glad that you've checked ZIPPER GEAR is written in Japanese.
             → sample pages 

            Precisely, the book has the only-Japanese instructions and notes
            on the latter one third or 80 pages on it.
            The zipper guide, however, is filled with valuable pictures and
            specifications as well as old advertisements. 
            We believe that English-written titles and captions will also help you "read".
            In fact, no foreign customer has ever returned the book
            because of their disadvantage of the language.
            Even if you were not satisfied with the content, we gladly accept return of the book.
            (shipping cost will be at customer expense. )

            We believe ZIPPER GEAR will excite you. 
            Now, here is the ordering procedure
            Please send us the following sheet filled in blanks.
            send to ...

            Thank you for your patience and cooporation with the classical way.


            ORDER SHEET

              order quantity :      copy(ies) 

              payment : PayPal / International Money Orfer
                              (choose either)

              Way of shipping : Air / SAL / ship what's the difference?  → Shipping Costs
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            We'll send you back a confirmation mail within 24 hours. 
            Thank you for your purchase!

            Paypal account↓

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            post "Inspiration" LA 2013

              Hi, I'm Kei Yamada, the person in charge of shipping.

              Aota Mituhiro, the author of ZIPPER GEAR can't afford to post a blog,
              so I try to write about  some new info and  what he is like recently.

              He came back to Japan from LA in the early Feb.
              after enjoying meeting a lot of inspiring people
              and was happy to recognize so many visitors overseas
              had already had FULL GEAR.

              Most of them decided to purchase ZIPPER GEAR with just one look at the cover.
              Zipperman  was at a loss and busy showing the inside of the book at the event.

              ZIPPER GEAR  has as many as 80 only-Japanese pages.
              He had spent a lot of his energy letting them see turning the pages.

              He didn't want them to be disappointed after buying
              as they couldn't get to know what were written.

              After "inspiration",
              he tried in vain to make a research out of California.

              He is having hectic days after coming back to Japan.
              It's hard to visit every shop and collector he wants to see
              and show his new book (and of course talk about it).
              He feels very sorry for that.

              He hopes he can wander some shops in Nagoya
              and Tokyo this week.  

              Thank you!
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              Written in Japanese BUT

                "Inspiration" has done!

                I must be exhausted, but still feel excited.

                The fact that so many people have already had FULL GEAR, my first book
                surprised me so much.

                I was really happy to have an opportunity to show ZIPPER GEAR
                to a lot of people, especially people overseas.

                Because they have to take a risk that they can't browse it at a bookstore
                when they want to order the book.
                Also, they have to pay a higher shipping cost.

                So I was relieved to know at the event
                people were able to check the book directly .

                Well, there is one big difference between FULL GEAR and ZIPPER GEAR:
                a volume of the Japanese text.

                ZIPPER GEAR has the only-Japanese instructions and notes
                on the latter one third of it.
                80 pages are almost entirely written in Japanese(・∀・)

                So I'was a little worried if readers overseas can be satisfied with it
                even though a lot of pictures, specifications and old ads attract them.
                I knew that titles and captions written in English also help them "read".

                Besides, before leaving Japan, a very famous English dealer
                became wordless when I passed the book,
                and could't stop turning the pages.
                ...But I was still nervous.

                At the event "Inspiration", however,
                most of the foreign customers seemed
                that they didn't care what the Japanese text read.

                I believe ZIPPER GEAR had a good reputation.

                Of course the Japanese part contains very important information.
                I think I have to translate it, but not now.
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                Shipping Costs Overseas from Japan

                  shipping costs

                  To the USA / Europe
                  ■ for one copy 
                  air ... 1,680 JPY ... 1wk -10days
                  SAL ... 980 JPY ... 2wks - 30days
                  ship ... 770 JPY ... almost 60days

                  ■ for two copies
                  air ... 2,535 JPY ... same as the above
                  SAL ... 1,780 JPY ... same as the above
                  ship ... 1,080 JPY ... same as the above

                  There are three types of
                  shipping ZIPPER GEAR book overseas.

                  total amount

                  To the USA / Europe

                  ■ for one copy + 820 JPY(PayPal transaction fee)
                  air ...   21,680 + 820 =22,500 JPY
                  SAL ... 20,980 + 820 =21,800 JPY
                  ship ...20,770 + 820 =21,590 JPY

                  ■ for two copies + 820 JPY(PayPal  transaction fee)
                  air ...   42,535 + 820 =43,355 JPY
                  SAL ... 41,780 + 820 =42,600 JPY 
                  ship ...41,080 + 820 =41,900 JPY

                  Paypal is preferable.
                  Use the following Paypal account
                  after choosing one of the shipping ways among the three
                  when you order ZIPPER GEAR book(s). 

                  Paypal account↓
                  Thank you!
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                  pre "Inspiration" LA 2013

                    Hi, there! Zipperman here!
                    The book ZIPPER GEAR has finally been published!

                    Now, I'm heading to LA to join the event "inspiration" on Feb. 9.

                    I'll bring the actual books there and exhibit them at a corner of John Gluckow's booth.
                    (Thank you, John!)

                    If it's possible for you to come to Long Beach,
                    why don't you stop by the event venue and take a glance at the book directly.
                    You can purchase it at USD 220.

                    I just keep my fingers crossed to let me fly to the US
                    out of the heavy snow forecast in Tokyo on my flight day.

                    more information about "inspiration" → 

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